The Revolution                                                                       by Molly Easley

I love my anger
For it has written me many poems
And performs them artfully too
But I love my anger
And then I let it go
For anger will not win the revolution
This is the task of love

Anger deserves no laurels
No trophies
But neither should it be kept
In the basement
Locked up
Never spoken of
Never tended to
Just shushed and starved
Never given a pen and paper
Never given a spotlight
Never given a voice

Now love writes decent poems
And bombs win battles indeed
But treaties are not signed with clenched fists
And so I beg of you comrades
Love your anger
And then let it go
For it will not win this revolution

Molly Easley is a native of Kansas City, Kansas who has called Lawrence home for over 20 years. In her fifteen-year career as an educator, she has worked with students of all ages, from preschoolers to professionals. Molly is also an avid dancer and practicing tarologist. 

December Editor, Pat Daneman’s recent poetry appears in Atlanta ReviewFreshwaterBryant Literary Review, and Typehouse. Her collection, After All (FutureCycle Press 2018), was first runner-up, 2019 Thorpe-Menn Award and finalist, Hefner Heitz Kansas Book Award. She is author of a chapbook, Where the World Begins. For more, visit

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