Window                                                                                       by M. Bennett

From her chair, she 
might have seen the elevator 
just above the tree line, 
the one at the home place
her father ran before the war.
The fields waiting quietly
for spring, might have offered 
a tether to harvest days,
horseback afternoons,
ball games in mown hay.
But a stroke swept 
context from every corner.

Her youngest comes 
each day to knock at her window, 
the front door locked 
nearly one month now
to keep out the virus. 
He smiles, 
tries to coax a spark.
She reaches out
across the distance,
to follow
the curve of his face. 

M. Bennett lives and works in south central Kansas where he has written poetry for thirty years.  His poems are drawn largely from his life and family stories. 

Editor Katelyn Roth graduated from Pittsburg State University with her Master’s in poetry. Her work has previously appeared online at Silver Birch Press and at Heartland: Poems of Love, Resistance, and Solidarity. She lives, works, and writes in Kansas City.


3 thoughts on “Window                                                                                       by M. Bennett

    • Hello – Just yesterday was made aware of M. Bennett poetry. I was reading in my copy of the 2020 Flint Hills Review and found two poems, both of which I really.liked. Then started Googling and came to this site and found Window which is very special. I live here in Stafford, KS and think M. Bennett may be living nearby. Perhaps M. Bennett gives readings and/or I could connect with M. Bennett. I am not sure if this message is going to M. Bennett or Patricia Traxler. I do appreciate Patricia Traxler’s comment. Hope to hear from both parties. Best from Bee Lanning

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