Wonton Soup                                                                           by Kerry Moyer

Phoenix served wonton soup,
looked me in the eye,
asked if he'd been drinking,
if he'd blown the rent.
I looked away, said yes,
lifted the spoon to my lips.
Later, father threw me against
the neighbor's house, cocked
his fist. I cocked my eyes, cocked
my mouth, said, “Do it, and you
will never see me again!”
He broke. He cried.
I walked to Casey's
for a coke, dried my tears,
wiped rage from my eyes.

Kerry Moyer is a Kansas poet and the author of three poetry collections, Dirt Road (2019) , Rust & Weeds (2020) and Turnpike Prairie (2021), all through Kellogg Press. Kerry is a member of the Emporia Writers Group and Kansas Authors Club. Moyer resides in Emporia, Kansas, with his wife Sarah and their children, Edward and Miles.

November’s guest editor Ronda Miller is a former State President of Kansas Authors Club, 2018-2019. Miller has four books of poetry: Going Home: Poems from My Life, MoonStain, WaterSigns and Winds of Time. Her book, I Love the Child (2019, Kellogg Press) won first place for Children’s Books at the 2020 Kansas Author’s Club State Convention. Miller wanders The Arikaree Breaks every chance she gets.


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