manifest legacy                                                                         by Carrie Nassif

in the beginning here was heat and blood all
questions or breastmilk any other was magic
we lived to form our mouths into words into
tools to fashion names to hold back the ache
these pains in our ribs  yomping all up  in our
ears such good students  we would string up
clear wire and puppet this world with myths
to disguise it with Latin terms   as though we
could fare any better than  the creatures we
destroy in our crusade to map  it   all  out  to
plaster these walls with   exclamation points

Carrie Nassif (she/her) is a queer poet and psychologist of the rural Midwest. Her chapbook, lithopaedion (Finishing Line Press) is forthcoming. Other poetry is in Comstock Review, Concision, and Gravity of the Thing; and anthologies including, Slow Lightning: Impractical Poetry, and Written There: The Community of Writers Poetry Review 2022.

Guest editor Denise Low, MFA & Ph.D., was Kansas Poet Laureate 2007-09. She won the Red Mountain Press Editor’s Award for Shadow Light. Other books are Wing (Red Mountain), Casino Bestiary (Spartan), and The Turtle’s Beating Heart: One Family’s Story of Lenape Survival (U. of Nebraska Press), a Hefner Heitz Award finalist. At Haskell Indian Nations University she founded the creative writing program. She is a contributing editor to Essay Daily’s Midwessay project. She lives in California’s Sonoma County on Tsuno Mountain, homeland of Pomo


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