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73. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Bill Hickok

Any Kansan knows
beneath the coyote’s calls
the clamoring of the crows
lie men of strength and daring.
Any Kansan knows
to abolish is the verb
that turned freedom into action
action into blood.
Bloody Kansas stood its ground
as any Jayhawk knows.

— Bill Hickok

125. Sweet Storm

I sleep under a tin roof.

When it rains we are dancing,

almost a flamenco, but more scattered.

Our petite Rain Deity presents a tiny

machine gun that soothes our ears.

I bound from the arms

of my grandmother’s bed

and praise what Gods there be

for the night I have spent

half with you and half alone.

The grey skies are not like a battleship,

more resplendent as the nuthatch calls,

more vibrant as my heart and head tangle

with a rush that is only mine.

This is no day to force the forsythia.

It will grow in its time,

a time for which I cannot wait

— Bill Hickok

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