Corona for the May Queen                 by Edeen Martin

“Nature’s first green is gold,” Frost said.
And that’s what I remember of my woods in spring.
This year the thin black branches stay
Even as the crocus and quince,
The daffodils and tulips, the violets and sedum
Come out in glory.

Things are close to right at the dog park.Edeen Martin
From afar we greet old pals and pups.
But even here, big dogs cower
With their humans in the small dog yard
While a Chihuahua mix named “Cheeto”
Barks frantically at all comers
Like an angry mouse.

So much is off in this out-of-kilter season
When dark and light are meant to match –
This time of Mardi Gras and Easter
This time of Purim and Passover
This time of Ramadan and Eid.
How can we celebrate?



Edeen Martin is a life-long Kansas City resident. She has written poetry most of her life. After 25 years in museums and arts management and 10 more at Silent Unity and as a hospital chaplain, Edeen now spends most of her time making sense of her life through poetry and the visual arts.

May Editor Maril Crabtree’s book Fireflies in the Gathering Dark was named a Kansas Notable Book for 2017.