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66. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Eric Dutton

Paynes Prairie, Florida,
is fenced off from the highway
by wood and wire.
A short pier and viewing dock
will hold you over the deep, heaving grass.

I should have hiked the prairie
west of my home, the small college town
peeking out from the East.
They say you go mad in the grasses.
I want to leave the car running by the road.

— Eric Dutton

99. Summer in Kansas

Summer in Kansas is why,

despite the legislature,

despite the Board of Education,

and the specter of God in politics,

there is space for the atheist.

Argument by design; the perfect

balance of day and night, the fine

cocktail of oxygen and carbon dioxide,

the unaided perfection of the eye—

it all falls apart in August

when the sun, the moist smothering

atmosphere, and the burning winds

all stand forth against the lives

of every worshiper and every

blasphemer to show us this world

was not made for us, and we

are not so well made for this world,

and the only defense against this creation

is a tiny air conditioner of

decidedly un-divine design.

— Eric Dutton

I’ve done all of the big things in Kansas: I was born there, educated there, married and divorced there. I became a father there. I say “there” because I live in Florida now, but Kansas will always be a “here” for me.

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