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december Kansas twilight by jt knoll

PastedGraphic-1hauling wood to front porch

wheelbarrow circles back

to peach sky behind old

white frame garage


brother john shoots basketball

until too dark to see hoop


brother steve

sells christmas trees

below bare bulb


metal chain keeps perfect time

on steel flagpole

in schoolyard

~ J. T. Knoll

J.T. Knoll, a native of the Republic of Frontenac, Kansas, is a counselor, prize-winning columnist, poet and speaker. His poetry and prose has been published widely across the United States. He lives in Pittsburg, with his wife, Linda, and dog, Arlo the Labradorian.

Al Ortolani’s poetry and reviews have appeared in journals such as Prairie Schooner, New Letters, Word Riot, and the New York Quarterly. His fifth collection of poems, Waving Mustard in Surrender, was released in 2014 from New York Quarterly Books. Currently, he is teaching English in the Blue Valley School District and serves on the Board of Directors of the Kansas City Writers Place.


76. To the Stars Through Difficulty: J. T. Knoll

“Look at the gems on my bracelet,” the bachelor farmer overhears her say
as he stands at the Walmart meat cooler drinking in her scent.
Forehead blazing, he selects a single T-bone, heads for the checkout.
Next day on his Farmall,
he senses her in the hedgerows, sky, soil.
Chants aloud, as he cultivates furrows in the moist earth,
amethyst, pearl, crystal, citrine,
quartz, turquoise, garnet, trimoline,

— J. T. Knoll


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