I Have My Home in Two Worlds by John Willison

I have my home in two worldsDSC_1642

This one:

With all its wild running,

Stuffing my pockets full of pleasure.

A smile the size of a candy shop!

I open my closet,

My whole life pours out

In excessive sweetness.

Even my suffering has taken a shine.

Running my fingers over my scars,

What were once indignities

Are now a flutter in the heart…

I bashfully flirt with every beauty.

The blushing maple, there

That brushstroke of moon.

Her hand on my chest,

Light as air,

And just as needed.

It’s all an enchantment.

I am aware of the windows being shut at the back of the house,

The doors, propped open, closing.

But this is not to be a constraint, a prison for beggars.

Not a house of sorrows.

Yes, everything will tremble.

All will fall.

This container will topple off the shelf and shatter,

Spilling into an infinite field,

Where this greeting awaits:

Hello, darling. Welcome home.

~ John Willison

John is a therapist who loves the written word and loves his wife, pets, 
family and friends even more.

142. To the Stars Through Difficulties: John Willison

Each plea, and prayer, were like fireworks, bursting with the desire for life,
And the hope that we will take our place among the stars, once more.

We have fallen short, but we reached for it, didn’t we dear… for heaven, for each other,
And held on for as long as we could, with whatever fading light we had left.

We lived our days among the sunflowers and the wheat,
And now have been asked to return.

The poet was right, wasn’t he darling…  “And the end of all our journeys…”

Come, lay in my arms while we have the twilight,
Then we will, naked and incandescent in this deepening night, prepare the ground,
Through our sorrow and our song, for those who have yet to come home.

— John Willison