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13. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Joseph Harrington

Like the bourgeois writer, contemplating
the hottest spell in fifty million years
while he burns his toast and eats it too

The fossils of the future worry him:
the sun will shine differently then

the stars will give off universal truths
at last without us         without
lugubrious sounds of strangling aquifers

just a mob of gods
chasing a broken owl

— Joseph Harrington

110. from Things Come On: (an amneoir)

history becomes fate when

it’s over with


no more disjunct

than this world


A gateway timeout occurred

The server / is unreachable


History abounds

a keeling curve

this starts to be how it gets

to keening


love filters : red void


Molly’s mussels live-o

while she dies-o –

that’s the point, see?

A space

is a character too


One remembers that, if not what


The space is more historical

than the stars




my mother lives under the ground

so I am drawn to that country


still air cools water drips black

roots tower down in her house


up here a sky never whole

buoys around light of the moon


I could spend half a year

down where she always lives

— Joseph Harrington

from Things Come On: (an amneoir), by Joseph Harrington. Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan University Press, 2011.

Joseph Harrington is the author of Things Come On: an amneoir (Wesleyan University Press 2011), Poetry and the Public (Wesleyan 2002), and the chapbook earth day suite (Beard of Bees 2010). His creative work also has appeared in Hotel Amerika, The Collagist, Otoliths, Fact-Simile, and P-Queue, amongst others. He teaches at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.


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