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46. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Ken Lassman

Cirrus clouds ice the sky white as deer tails,
which the dog missed but drinks up the hooved soil with his nose
pulling on the leash, wind puffing up clouds of cedar pollen
eyes watering a dread, not knowing, don’t know.
Red buds twist open early by the heat, the snowy owl starves here
in Kansas, irrupted south from the tundra, turkey vultures riding the thermals, spinning
the prevernal cyclones north to Michigan.
Beware the Ides of Marching seasons; unlatch the leash
the dog runs away
towards what?

— Ken Lassman

62. Stubble and Sleeping

Stubble and sleeping on sod that is softened

by the freeze and thaw of the soil.

Green blades and mixed grasses are paths for the ants

And the thatch for the birds building nests

Rosette of the mullein I open to find

A sensuous insect within its soft cupped leaves.

It is spring and I plant my thoughts on paper in a chair

And dream of tornadoes full of flowers.

— Ken Lassman

Ken Lassman is the author of Wild Douglas County and Seasons and Cycles of the Kansas Area Watershed. He also writes a daily column on what’s happening in the natural world for Z’s Divine Espresso in Lawrence, and a monthly column on seasons and cycles for Blue Sky, Green Earth.

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