8. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Marie Asner

lightning trails a whip across the sky
before striking dry earth
orange flames dance
an upward spear propelled by animal voices

sun slips fearfully away
slant-eyed along the horizon
south wind rides the clouds in herds
running from a hunter’s moon
who with eyes of ruby coal
and breath of smoke can’t find his prey

— Marie Asner


133. dot on the horizon

for hours

before it arrived

we could hear
branches of trees rustle uneasily
then ice crystals formed
in perfect math
as stones by the barn
covered themselves in frost
snow and frozen shards
fell in cascades
diamonds and white sapphires
cover the prairie
sharp as knives
in our home
we wrap our arms
around each other
and wait for eternity to pass
— Marie Asner
Marie Asner is an entertainment reviewer in the greater Kansas City area and with Chicago outlets. She has had regular appearances on KCUR-FM (Kansas City NPR). Marie is a free lance writer, poet, workshop presenter and past member of Kansas Arts on Tour.