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75. Laura Gilpin, The Prairie

Platinum expanse: open, endless plain

dotted with forbs but ironing-board flat.

Wisps of clouds, windswept, reach across wide sky.

Down in the left corner a woman stands

posed, softly vertical in that stretched space,

face toward the sun, white skirts billowing

silently. She stares into nowhere, hand

cupped to her ear.

— Michael L. Johnson

reprinted from Michael L. Johnson, Hermes’ Museum: Art Poems (Santa Fe, NM: Flowerpot Mountain Press, 2010

Michael L. Johnson is a professor emeritus from the University of Kansas now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His most notable recent book of poems is Sky Land: A Southwestern Cycle (Topeka, KS: Woodley Press), which received the 2010 New Mexico Book Award in po

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