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Silo by Peter Wright

The silo squats in kindling grass,

kneeling like a giant monk under a

bliss so vast that kingfishers welter

in the equivocal wind. His concrete

thighs bulging arc & secretly grunt up

around buttock & the leaning back as

ballast. At night they appear in

hordes, a streaming silent echo marking

under the belly of sleeping ecstasy

like living tattoos. They fall in white

crescendos, commas, ellipses, the pubic

curls of questions & drop like periods

into it, into him- their stories are

the tangling currents of a turbulent

confluence, an orgy of silver

sufferings: basil, roses, chocolate.

The man comes down from the house in

sleep and stands at the iron opening.

Chanting on a swift tide, a tempest

whisper told far at sea. The figures

rise wet to face him speak, and slide

from the vessel to bound across the

parched plain as creatures once did

here before fences and plumbing. They

go and come as heavenly bodies whorl

until the man returns to his bed. It is

July. The dry farmers have begun

plowing in lost corn. The silo owns a

spigot known to the hand of those who

fraternize with the bones of stars.

~ Peter Wright

Peter Wright tends his fire on fifteen acres in Jefferson County, Kansas. He divides his time between studying the languages of the cloud shaped whales that migrate above and the grass clad people in the surrounding sea.

44. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Peter Wright

eager cadent Yes & undercut of One Poem
smitten by the novelty of an earnest claim
showers the broad middle of every Nowhere

the subtle curve of Her kansas peopled with ripe stones
wind & wind cavorting & rain millennia reign

frogs raga the pleasure of Her time
songbirds morning the jets of day
shadows stepping out in tiny geysers
wend the guttural weave of independent reverence

the ides smile a rough hone to residents of a free state

— Peter Wright

147. winter solstice song

winter solstice song:

love can not cure loneliness

loneliness is love

all things sheathed in ice

a sough issues from each blade

aching to decide

absolute zero

one spark rings then another

autonomous joy

walking through winter

her emptiness emerges

to carry my heart

steel sky descending

engaged in stainless quiet

a kernel of love

woken by a flash

pre-dawn thunder & big snow

eerie new year’s eve

one one of one one

will i be alone this year

will i be all one

one one of one one

a bond to our calender

or to emptiness!

she was the archer

who struck my heart & quickened

grace to be reborn

who quickened grace in my heart

reborn in darkness

again we have died

& the secret arrows fly

etching this arcade

the sky is a tongue

a vulgate palimpsest wrought

anew by each choice

what have i written

the flotsam of long short days

shortly growing long

the milkyway smiles

you are your own galaxy

a kind glacial truth

charlie mingus plays

spurring the indifferent stars

to forbidden song

able to respond

he finds himself a star

in the winter sky

— Peter Wright

81. standing right here

running barbed wire

under a full twilight moon

an arrow of mallards whistle above

the clouds slide in

and line up like ribs

the sky stretching

its pied torso

invites the lover’s caress

to range beyond

while standing right here

with the cows

— Peter Wright

Peter Wright began writing poetry in 1990, when he enrolled in a poetry class taught by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg at the University of Kansas.  Since then he has continued writing while living in California, Massachusetts, Texas and Kansas and undertaking work in carpentry, organic farming and serving as barista at a local coffee establishment in Lawrence.  He lives at his homestead, aboard the ‘Prairie Schooner’, in rural Valley Falls, with his partner and two dogs.   Poetry and writing are core to his daily ritual and passion.  He self published a chapbook of ‘nighku'(his own modified form of haiku) titled ‘Spring Spray’, in 2008.  He continues to participate in public readings and serves as a board member of the Lawrence based art collective, The Percolator (LCAVA). 


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