140. Restored Victorian

I bought a bucket of Morning-Dew

and painted windows open.

Toasted-Pine-nuts that splattered the floor

were patiently scrapped with razor and rags

until the oak grain shone.

Evocative-Sunlight in multiple layers

hid bruise marks on the walls.

Two blankets of Ivory-Coast

covered tenderly mended kicked in doors.

Frosted-Hawthorn soothe with brush strokes

graffiti from drunken frat-boy parties.

The painted Victorian stood,

as it had for a hundred years and more,

patiently waiting for its wounds to heal.

Next morning I brought a gallon

of Good-As-New and sealed

the front porch done.

— Serina Allison Hearn

Serina Allison Hearn, raised in Trinidad and Tobago, studied fashion design at St Martin’s School of Art, London, U.K. in the late 70s. Her first book Dreaming the Bronze Girl was published by Mid America Press, 2002. Atlas of Our Birth was publish by Woodley Press, 2010. She currently works in Victorian house restoration in Lawrence, KS, which allows her the opportunity to work visually with the WOW factor, much like writing poetry which she considers as necessary as having a home or a soul.