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Spider Days by Stephen Bunch

We know the small betrayalsBunch pic 2

of webs before dawn, the larger betrayals

of cross-hairs

in rifle scopes and theodolites.

Silk sticks to eyebrows, snags the optic

nerve on the target, the web exacting

as the river cannot be

for all its division, its splitting

of the town and the town’s

people, the shuffle and deal

of economic gunslingers, the separation

of sand and rock and timber.

River people know the currents,

the eddies and twists, the meander

that makes and unmakes the sandbar,

the hydraulics that wear on the dam.

Spider people spin cables into space,

lower girders onto pier caps, weave

the riven together, seductive, blinding,

crossing over to snare the day.

~ Stephen Bunch

Stephen Bunch can be found on the Map of Kansas Literature, next door to L. Frank Baum and Gwendolyn Brooks. It must be added, however, that property values plummeted when he moved into that neighborhood. His chapbook, Preparing to Leave, is available from The Lives You Touch Publications 

75. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Stephen Bunch

No free soil here. The air over Wal-Mart’s asphalt is thicker
than desire. Thick bodies in tank tops patrol the lot. Idling exhausts
show our half-cocked resolve, magnetized ribbons our meanness.
In back young men stack cartons of beef nearing the end
of its journey from Dodge and Garden City, where the escalator took

the steers single file on their slow descent to the bolt through the brain
and the hoisting hook. On this day we depend on fear and ignorance,
herding into the stalls of pop culture and commerce. We depend
on a calculating few to make us forget everything but folding lawn chairs
on sale, plastic coolers, Sousa, and fireworks by the river tonight.

— Stephen Bunch

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