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Standing on the Rock — Tim Pettet

(For the Water Protectors)

O! Poet, the clouds you love to watch

carry our passion, our pain.

If you listen, you can hear the whisper

behind the scenery of the evening news.


Bless our innocence by knowing

we are innocent by knowing

this water is our home, this sky,

our house of prayer where you


are welcome. Come in.

Shed your shoes and feel

the wisdom-dance of our path—

river of water, river of clouds, river of tears.


When you leave, don’t forget your hat.

It’s going to rain.

~ Tim Pettet


Timothy Pettet published his first poem in The Third Eye, a mimeographed journal published on and around the University of Puget Sound by anti-war hippies and “peaceniks.” Over the years, he has published his poems in various journals and publications. He is currently celebrating his first actual book of poems. Titled Accidental Dancer, the book sports a cover painted by his wife, Mary Pettet and is published by Flint Hills Publications. You can find out more at: Timothypettet.com/accidentaldancer.


Guest Editor Annette Hope Billings is an award-winning author and actress whose dynamic style of reciting has led fans to dub her “Maya of the Midwest!” Her first book of poetry, A Net Full of Hope (2015), garnered the 2015 ARTSConnect ARTY Award in Literature in Topeka, Kansas. Descants for a Daughter followed in 2016 and serves as a collection of affirmations from a parent’s heart. Billings most recent publication is Just Shy of Stars (Spartan Press, 2018). Her poetry and short stories also appears in the following anthologies: Gimme Your Lunch Money: Heartland Poets Respond to Bullying (2016), Twisting Topeka (2016), Our Last Walk: Using Poetry for Grieving and Remembering Our Pets (2016), and Kansas Time + Place: An Anthology of Heartland Poetry (Balkans Press, 2017) and Revealed (2017). Billings’ poetry can also be found in both online and print publications including Inscape/Washburn University, Coal City Press, Microburst and Konza Magazine.

Playing for Keeps by Tim Pettet

Harvested from a bed worked up for greens,2013-02-17 08.35.16

a black, pock-marked marble,

does a roulette-spin in my palm

and comes to a rest in a fleshy pit of lifeline.

Targeted by puries and steelies,

and knocked about by pocket-rocks, this refugee

from a pair of patched and sprinting dungarees

tumbled through a wad of candy bar wrapper

and slipped past the lint to find a hole

open to a boy’s leg. Held up to the sun,

between forefinger and thumb,

this glass ball, this frozen globe,

becomes a satellite knocked out of orbit,

seeking shelter in this sector of the Milky Way,

in the pocket of my garden jeans.

~ Tim Pettet

Timothy Pettet lives in Kansas City, MO. Writing poems since he was 18, he began considering himself a poet at the age 50. His first book, ZERO Shines Light Through Water AND Watches the Words Emerge. MONA Paints, is due to be published during Pettet’s 64th year. 

113. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Tim Pettet

Used to be two Kansas towns
named Stranger. One still exists.
The other’s a creek that feeds
Linden trees and the river
just east of old Journey Cakes.

And, no, there’s no Bethlehem
in Kansas. Mangers? Hell, yes!
And stars? Just take 56
across the Flint Hills
on a new moon night.
— Tim Pettet

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