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28. Senses

a sparrow sings outside the glass

Ann senses a coming question

his finger tracks down her forearm

cotton sheets crisp like sandpaper

fresh laid carpet now springs upward

then of course there is the sweet taste

of cold peaches sublime peaches

the musty brick smell of street rain

small girls whispering a secret

warm of sun and cool of shadow

cry for milk baby cry for milk

mystery of thunder without

the scalpel stab wound of lightning

how does he dare express his hope

how does he ask her quiet face

my love do the blind dream in feel

William J. Karnowski

17. The Sod House Green

attached to the wind

is the west wing

of the sod house green

while planting in the spring

I used to say

oh look momma

the sun is rising as the moon is going down

then look poppa

stop behind the plow

that cloud looks like momma

and like the summer rains

she has gone again

just the growing remains

everything I love

smells like Kansas sod

grown up now

still behind the plow

I kiss the earth

as she rolls over

dark damp and steaming

dinner bell ringing

for the water lost seagulls

William J. Karnowski

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