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Collecting Ayers Rock by William Karnowski

it is sealed away
in a rusty old paint can
with a pummeled lid
from too many openings and closings
wrapped in a faded red bandana
is a chipped cat’s eye shooter
and a blood red arrowhead
a thousand years old I suppose
it is sealed away
with youth hope and love longing
finger dirt
an indian girl’s bone needle
memories of nights listening
to Australia on an ancient short wave radio
tonight I will open it again
lay my collection in a row
rub all the edges
then wrap the memories carefully
so it looks like random boy behavior
this soul of mine
 ~ William Karnowski
William J. Karnowski, Wamego, Kansas is the author of books titled: Pushing the Chain, Dispensation, Painting the Train, The Hills of Laclede, Catching the Rain, and The Sodhouse Green.  William sponsors the annual Karnowski Youth Poetry Contest and is current Vice-President of the Kansas Authors Club.

59. To the Stars Through Difficulty: William Karnowski

speaking of longing my knuckles hurt
the wheat is verdant now heading soon
it is time the storm is coming I can smell it
I can hear the rumble of Longfellow’s lost youth
the aching of the cottonwood for lightning

Dad loved days like this let’s go fishing
distracted by all youngsters bursting swirling
Wet knees wiping dirt from the morrels
Looking down the rows of new corn bent
The storm cannon is just warming up.

— William Karnowski

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