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Welcome to Kansas Time + Place. Each month, we’ll have a guest editor choosing a weekly poem that either focuses on time (history, contemporary time, the future, etc.) or place (eco-regions, watersheds, earth and sky, our own backyards, etc.) for the month. Each month will focus on either time or place. By the end of our 2-year project, we hope to put together an anthology of these selections. Each monthly editor may choose from overall submissions (see instructions for submitting below) or find poems from his/her poetic connections.

Note: all submissions after Feb. 20, 2016 that are accepted will also be made available for re-publication in The Fairview Enterprise, a little newspaper that has been a going concern since 1888.

Monthly editors for 2016: Annette Hope Billings, Pat Daneman, Cody Shrum, Kelly Johnston, Roy Beckemeyer, Ronda Miller, Jose Faus, Al Ortolani, Maril Crabtree, Tyler Sheldon, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Tom Reynolds

Please only submit poems if you haven’t yet submitted poems that were chosen to go on to the guest editors. That means if you have poems already approved to go to the guest editors, please refrain from sending more so that we can feature a greater variety of writers.

1) Theme: Time may focus on Kansas in relation to history (check out http://www.kansasmemory.org/ for great ideas — click on counties, including your own or where you grew up, to discover historic events from that county you may write about), contemporary events, spiritual or philosophical meanderings about time, time in relationship to anything else (even place), the future, or any other time consideration. Place may focus on Kansas in relation to a specific eco-region, watershed or bioregion, earth or sky, weather as place, your own backyard, the body as place, or other place possibilities.

2) Submission: Send up to five poems, a 50-word bio on you, a jpeg photo to Kspoetlaureate@gmail.com. The poems and bio must be in Word or RTF. Please do not send poems with many indented lines as those indentations tend to be impossible to program correctly on this website. Please submit all poems and bio in ONE Word or RTF document. Note: Previously-published or posted material is fine to submit so long as you own the rights and give us information on where the poem first appeared.

3) Process: Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg will do the first reading on the poems, and forward all the poems she selected to be considered for monthly to our monthly editors. If your poems are not selected, please don’t take offense: this is the nature of literary submissions. Monthly editors will then contact you within the next year if your poem is to be published. If, in the meantime, you publish the poem elsewhere, please tell us, and we will remove it from the selection possibilities.

4) Kansas Part of All This: Any poem with any connection whatsoever to Kansas is welcome. You don’t have to live or have lived in the past in Kansas. Kansas can be a state of mind for you and/or a place you’ve passed through or visited. All are welcome to send in poems!

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