70. Night Bloom

In awe we watched the flower exist

in its moonlight–a funnel of petal, white

as paper waiting for a word.

Along its vine, seed pods bulged–

round like my belly, that summer

when the baby inside me slept

no better than his brand new parents

in the humid heat of our little home.
So we walked, seeking breeze, and happened

upon a moment whose essence

became part of our story as much

as the preceding springtime’s wedding

and our son’s birth the following fall.
It’s a page I open to again and catch

a glimpse of us holding hands. A new planet

quivers and swells beneath my t-shirt.

We’re engulfed in a universe, unknown

as yet, and sweltering

when within our dark uncertainty sweeps

cool perfume, like a scented invitation

from God–this life, this intimate elixir

could be ours, so we should respond

if we pleased.

— Ramona McCallum

Ramona McCallum earned her B.A. in Creative Writing and Literature from Kansas State University in 1999. She currently lives in Garden City, Kansas with her husband Brian McCallum, a ceramic artist, and their 6 children. Ramona works as her husband’s editor and artist’s assistant, and she also teaches 7th grade English Communication and Poetry at a local middle school. Her poetry has appeared in journals such as Organization and Environment and Zone 3.


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