144. Oz Revisited

(with apologies to L. Frank Baum)

Glinda delivers her third child,

and will not return to the stage,

now that exotic dancing no longer

pays, and horny men can see

her strip on the internet.

Munchkins, still the quaint

people, now have satellite TV,

beer and Monday Night Football.

Bored, they bounce in bed

and increase the population.

The Scarecrow finally came out,

and lives quietly with Roger

in Emerald City’s East Side,

where he’s loved by the locals

for giving so much poetry.

Across from the courthouse,

the statue of Toto, covered with

flying monkey shit, honors

the terrier who was mercifully

put down for complications.

The Tin Man smokes cigars

and tends bar at the Stars & Garter,

spouting homespun philosophy

to anyone who gives a damn.

And few do.

— Gary Lechliter

Gary Lechliter’s poetry has appeared in Atlanta Review, Chance of a Ghost: an Anthology of Contemporary Ghost Poems, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, New Mexico Poetry Review, Straylight, Tears in the Fence, and Wisconsin Review. He has a recent book, Foggy Bottoms: Poems about Myths and Legends, published by Coal City Press.


One thought on “144. Oz Revisited

  1. I love the social commentary here, particularly the line about being bored, bouncing in bed and increasing the population since the population problem is issue No. 1 with me these days. Of course, many suspect that Baum’s original work was much more than an innocent little tale about a Kansas girl who gets caught up in a tornado and meets some interesting people in the process.

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