I Have Been Alone — Antonio Sanchez-Day

Looking through the windows of my eyes into my soul

one views an abyss that is dark and cold

motivated by money, in the pursuit of material things

plus, my carnal cravings make me a pitiful human being

afflicted by addiction, infected with rage

plagued by innocence stolen at an early age

misled by false friends, betrayed by their lies

in this life of shit, I’m Lord of the Flies

I’m not playing victim for I know where blame dwells

it sits with me in this concrete cell

seated at the right hand of my throne

because misery loves company

and I hate to be alone

~ Antonio Sanchez-Day

Antonio Sanchez-Day is a 44-year-old Lawrence, Ks. native. At an early age he became involved in the cycle of addictions, gangs and criminal behavior. After 13 years of incarceration, he now uses his passion for poetry and writing as a means of personal therapy. He volunteers at The Douglas County Jail with his friend, and mentor, Professor Brian Daldorph. He is currently working on a book of poetry.

November editor, Ronda Miller, is State President of the Kansas Authors Club (2018 – 2019). Her three books of poetry include Going Home: Poems from My Life, MoonStain (Meadowlark-Books, 2015) and WaterSigns (Meadowlark-Books, 2017). Miller lives in Lawrence but returns to wander The Arikaree Breaks of Cheyenne county every chance she gets. Kansas Authors Club.


2 thoughts on “I Have Been Alone — Antonio Sanchez-Day

  1. Got to me. Also, applause for your work with the incarcerated. You’ll do some good for them, I’m gonna bet.

  2. Thank you for your courage and your ability to help others gain their courage. You will be appearing with Brian at the KAC convention in Wichita, I think. I hope to hear you tell your story.

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