Quicksilver by Hyejung Kook


dear Mercury
god of travelers
thief and cheat

born hungry like us
often assuming
human guise

might your face
be among those fleeing
persecution famine war

even if he or she is
mortal the divine
still quickens within

so hear me
most human of the gods
guide of souls

liar and trickster
grant us your cunning
your silver tongue

your swiftness
grant us safe passage
in life as well as death

Hyejung Kook’s poems have appeared in POETRY Magazine, Denver Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Pleiades, and elsewhere. Other works include an essay in Critical Flame and a chamber opera libretto. Born in Seoul, Korea, she now lives in Kansas with her husband and their two children.“Quicksilver” was written for Kundiman’s Migration Postcard Poem Project and also appears on Kook’s personal website.

Guest Editor, José Faus is a founder of the Latino Writers Collective. His writing appears in numerous anthologies. His chapbook This Town Like That was released by Spartan Press. His second book of poetry The Life and Times of Jose Calderon was published by West 39 Press.

2 thoughts on “Quicksilver by Hyejung Kook

  1. I have a friend I want to recommend this group to, but I can’t remember how to subscribe. How do you do that?  Thanks, Mary-Lane Kamberg

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