Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

After you have learned all their secrets

And think the way they do . . . they will

fly away and take you with them.

— Richard Brautigan


Crow Maiden



Crow ascends from the corner hedge

as if Southwind will lift him above

all creation, then, in his usual way, suspends


himself over my gap gate crossing the two-track

to summer pasture. He’s made a habit of hanging

around, watching me open this gate.


I consider Crow from my pickup,

windows down, radio full blast.  He hovers

through the weather forecast and a seed corn


commercial, but, at the top of the hour,

with news of the casualty count, he turns

his back, his black robes caught by the wind,


and with a clamor of caws, sails over rimrock

to the bluestem below—where long ago,

he considered my bloody prairie incursion.


Where now, he will pretend I never walked.

— H.C. Palmer

HC Palmer is a physician who was born in Southeast Kansas and spent much of his time growing up in the Flint Hills which is his “anchor” place although he considers the Madison Valley in Montana and the Florida Keys as important places too.  He lives in  Lenexa where he writes poems in his  old age.



Comments on: "35. Crow Speaks His Mind" (2)

  1. I love it! I’ll never look at the crows in my back yard the same way again.

  2. claudia said:

    Beautiful and moving……

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